in complete awe

This has been the LONGEST week! Maybe its because ive been excited about spending the weekend with my parents… i dont know, but it has taken every ounce of my being to make it through this week. Yesterday i was so physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired that going to the womens bible study just didnt seem like a good idea. I was exhausted and just wanted to go home, but God wouldnt let me have a peace about skipping bible study, so i went.

Part of our homework this past week has been about “prayerlessness”. You have not because you ask not. WOW conviction! So of course during our study last night Beth (its the Beth Moore- A Womens Heart) started talking about prayerlessness and she said something like “some of you just entered this prayerlessness, because for the last year you have prayed for the same thing over and over and over and your feeling like the prayers are hitting a sound proof ceiling.”

That hit me like a brick! Thats me, when i have to pray about something for what i deem to be “too long” i will just stop praying about it because in my flesh i say “God obviously doesnt care because He is refusing to answer me” Oh i ridiculous i can be!

Oh but then she read a story from Luke. Im going to share with you and then tell you what God revealed to me- Luke 1:5-25.

Zechariah and Elizabeth. Old people who are both direct blood line descendants of Israel (who by the way are Gods chosen people, the ones He said he would bless double portion). They had no children, they tried for many years but Elizabeth could not get pregnant and now they were beyond the years to have a child. 

SOOO Zechariah was a priest. And it was his turn to go into the temple of the Lord and burn the incense at the altar of incense.     This was not an unusual thing, different priests burnt incense every day after the offering was burnt. So Zechariah was not expecting this day to be unlike any other. BUT GOD had a different plan. 

So Zechariah is burning the incense, when all the sudden an angel (Gabriel to be specific) appears in the room with him.       He freaks out, just like we would! OKAY HERES THE COOL PART, YOU READY FOR THIS??

     So he freaks out, so Gabriel says “Do not be afraid;your prayer has been heard” 


How cool would it be if an angel came to you and said “hey man, just fyi the Lord has heard your prayer about that job, that child, that debt, etc. and oh yeah, not only has He heard your prayer, He has answered it, so just wait for a little while and youll see the answer He gave!”                                                                                                                                                                                Uhh, yes please! I would be happy with an angel popping in and telling me the Lord has answered my prayer!

okay back to the story, so the angel goes on to tell him that Elizabeth would conceive and they would have son. 

Of course Zechariah didnt believe Gabriel so he said well how can i be sure? and Gabriel says I stand in the presence of God and He sent me to tell you…. BUT now that you didnt have faith you will be mute until the day this happens. 

DANG! Bet he wished he could go back 3 minutes and not say “how can i be sure” haha!

So he goes home to ELizabeth, informs her of what God had revealed to him and a short time later she became pregnant.!

Dont you love Gods goodness??

Okay, so the whole story spoke to my heart, but God really used one verse.

“Do not be afraid; your prayer has been heard”

See, i have been praying for something since January and i’ve really struggled with God not answering me yet. I was the one feeling like my prayers were hitting a sound proof ceiling. But last night when Beth read the verse “do not be afraid; your prayer has been heard” My heart was moved, i felt the Spirit of the Father come over me with a peace and a firm statement of THIS IS FOR YOU!! I have heard your prayer my child.

WOOHOO!! I couldve stood and shouted, danced, sang, screamed, clapped, cried, everything!  There is no better feeling than the one when you KNOW you just heard from the Father!

So today i have just been basking in His goodness.

Who knows maybe this is for you also?. Just know, Jesus came for the purpose of being our intercessor to the Father. He hears your prayers, even when you dont feel like He does. Thats why he came and died. To be your intercessor.

He has heard your prayer, but that doesnt mean the answer will happen immediately. God heard Zecahriahs prayer but they waited 9 long months to have that sweet baby boy. Be patient, He has heard your prayer and in His perfect timing He will reveal His perfect answer


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